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Alert II

In addition to providing all the boat maintenance supplies and marine cleaning products you will need for your vessel, AbeamMarine Supply cares about your safety and the safety of your passengers and crew. That's why we offer a range of Alert 2 products to keep you safe and secure on the water.

These four indispensable items are needed at all times but you'll be especially comforted in the knowledge you have them onboard during heavy weather, at night time or if you find yourself short-handed:

  • Alert 2 Digital Transmitter for crew, with batteries and pouch: This transmitter is activated by immersion in water, sending out a unique 418 MHz signal. It operates on two lithium batteries. Both the transmitter and the receiver make up the Alert 2 system, but each part can be bought separately.
  • Alert 2 Receiver for vessel: This receiver sends out a loud alarm sound when it receives a signal from the digital transmitter. Sailors take note: this system has the capability of shutting down the engine and marking a position on your compatible GPS.
  • Alert 2 PC Interface Kit w/ receiver to PC cable: This kit includes installation software and a computer cable to connect your receiver.
  • Alert 2 Portable Direction Finder: This is an optional addition to the Alert 2 system but we highly recommend it: we never want you to have to use it but it allows you to search for an overboard victim's signal by sweeping the horizon with this hand-held device.

This vital "man overboard" equipment is manufactured in the USA, is time-tested, and we use it ourselves. Whether your crew is small or larger, don't be without this potentially life-saving gear. Have the safest voyage possible, regardless of your circumstances!

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